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Our university held an activity to demonstrate the class teaching ability of students who awarded the prize in 2016 Normal University Students’ Skills Competition

In the afternoon of Dec.7th, the Teacher Education School held an activity to demonstrate the class teaching ability of students who awarded the prize in 2016 Normal University Students Skills Competition in the immersive classroom E207 of No.1 Teaching Building., Vice president Qiu Xing , the relevant teachers from Teaching Affairs Office, School of mathematics, School of Education, School of Political Studies, School of Teacher Education and more than 170 teachers and students participated in this activity.

Vice President Qiu Xing made an important speech, congrated the winners, and emphasized the importance of skill training of normal students in the aspects of training and results from normal students’ skills contest.

Teacher Zhang Wenna from the School of Teacher Education introduced the organization and preparation of this activity, showed the process and matters needing attention, as well as the results of the 2016 Sichuan Province Normal Students' Teaching Ability Contest of our school.

The students Wu Dawei, Zhang Zhuoran, Yang Xiao from School of Matemiatics, School of Education and School of Political Studies, respectively demonstated their class teaching ability by 3 minutes explaination and 15 minutes imitation teaching class. Vice dean of Mathematic School Mu Tiawei, Teacher of Education School Xiao sufen, and Teacher of Political Studies School respectivly summarized the class demonstration and confirm the direction for students.

Vice director of Teaching Affairs Office Professor Yue Yunhua made an important speech for this activity as well. Professor Yue Yunhua affirmed the significance of this teaching observation and hoped students catch every learning chance and get better result in the contest.

Finally, Professor Zhong Pu summarized this observation activity and gave affirmative assessment to these three students. Meanwhile, Professor Zhong Pu also suggested students the skills and strategies to improve their teaching abilities.

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