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The propaganda of Fire Day

 November 9th was the 26th National Fire Day.Our University launched a promotion and consulting activities whose theme was fire safety publicity and education. Mr. Wei Ye, the Deputy Secretary of CPC of University, and Mr. Yue Zhenghua the Vice President of University attended this event. At this activity, by playing the fire safety videos, giving out the promotion materials,explaining the knowledge of fire proofing and putting out fire,consulting the fire problem and other forms, strengthed the fire safety publicity and education.

At noon, many students were attracted by the campus safety education cases video when they went through the propaganda scene.Teachers and students watched these videos, and also asked informations including the daily fire protection,fire fighting & rescues, fire alarming,

selfhelp and escaping,how to use the hydrant and extinguisher cabint,what kind of problem we should pay more attention to in classroom and dormitory,etc.

The publicity and consultation lasted more than 2 hours.Teachers answered hundreds of questions for students, and gave out more than 500 copies of publicity materials. Through this activity, teachers and students could visually and vividly obtain the knowledge of fire safety and improve the awareness of them.

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