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The College Students'' Foreign Exchange Association & Halloween

Halloween also known as the Ghost Festival , is the western traditional festival on the 31st October every year. For certain , it’s one of the oldest festival in the West. It’s a day for funny and bring cheers and laughter to us. There was a Halloween party which organized by Foreign Exchange Association of University Students at the third floor of Life square at 8:30pm on November 1st ,2016. All the foreign teachers and members of the Foreign Exchange Association of University Students were present at the party. At the same time , a lot of students who interested in Halloween culture also joined us.

   Before the start of the activity,every student got a certain number of candies,then the activity kicked off in our countdown.The atmosphere of Halloween filled the whole classroom when countdown to the 0.First,the foreign teacher Meredith introduced the origin of the Halloween to the students.And then was our wonderful games.The first game was was Digital Solitaire,the wrong man would be punished to do a little game that was through the red lines by blindfolding.The students who took part in the games gained the happiness.The second game was skipping together with foreign teachers .We were actively involved in the activity,the atmosphere is high,The following two games let students and teachers have intimate contact opportunity.One was a group of 5 people together,blowing the balloons and embraced with group members to blow up the balloons.We played happily,like family.The another was“your gestures I guess”.The foreign teachers and students worked together to win the game cheerfully.Finally,we selected the best costume in this activity and awarded reward.

This activity makes students put down their schoolwork burden and relax themselves,meanwhile,it promotes the communication between students and the foreign teachers by having a good time together and understanding the culture in foreign country.East or west,the traditional festivals are not only the embodiment of the culture inheritance and the historical memory,but also of the people's good will.However,the true meaning of festivals is reviewing the history and culture constantly to keep in mind.

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