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Our school got great success in the Normal Student Teaching Ability Contest of Sichaun provience in 2016

Recently, we heard from the committee of Normal Student Teaching Ability Contest that we got good grades in the competition. For that, twelve students participated in and seven of them won the prize, including one person got the first prize, three persons won the second prize and three got the third prize. Its good news that they got the best result on record.

According to the constitution, there are two groups of the Liberal Arts, two groups of Science and one group of Arts which including more than 20 majors like Chinese Language and Literature, mathematics, psychology, musicology and so on. There were 156 players who came from other universities in Sichuan province are participated in that contest. Consequently, more than 90 students got the third prize. Wang Xue, an English major, who came from the School of Foreign Language of CDNU won the first prize, Zhang minshuan who came from the School of Political Studies of CDNU, Zhang zhoulan who came from the School of Fine Arts of CDNU, Wu dawei who came from School of Mathematics of CDNU won the second prize. Zhang zhuoran, Tangxiao and Lvbin, three of them came from School of Education of CDNU, School of psychology of CDNU and School of Chemistry and Life Science of CDNU won the third prize.

They held the final contest at Lion Mountain School of Sichuan University from 28th October to 30th October. Professor Li Qinshu, Ms. Zhang Wenna and Mr. Xu Xunzhi led 12 students from our university to participate in the competition. And then they attended the meeting of Sichuan Normal University Students Teaching Ability Contest in 2016. As the leading one, teachers from School of Education of CDNU paid high attention and concern the works of competition. Therefore, they made every effort to organize and coordinate the work of service. All of them actively prepared for this competition and they also showed their style and level to others. It is worth to celebrate that they won honour for our school.

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