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Chengdu Normal Universitythe former Sichuan College of Education founded in 1955, was officially approved by the Ministry of Education of China in March 2012. The university is a full-time institution of normal education, offering various undergraduate courses.The university has a total of 13 departments and schools: Chinese Language and Literature, History and Geography and Tourism, Ideological and Political Education, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Computer Science, Music, Physical Education, Education and Science, Physics and Engineeing Technology, Chemistry and Life Science, Economics and Management, Fine Arts. There are 12,000 full-time students on campus. Attached to the university are a middle school and a kindergarten. Over 200 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools are available as the regular sites for students to practice teaching. On and off campus the university has set up more than 100 training and practicing complexes for mechanism, architecture, logistics, automobile, tourism, and animation.

The university has established a long-term relationship with many foreign countries, such as America, Japan, UK, Isreal and Malaysia, and has a number of foreign professors and experts from the other countries stationed on campus.>

The university has traditionally been a teacher training school, and is now applying the scientific strategy of development. With the strength of teacher training the university is working as an active and innovative service provider of fundamental education for all majors. Among the teachers in Sichuan province a large percentage is the university’s graduates. Along with the teachers, students from other majors who benefit from the fundamental education have become successful in Sichuan province as well.

Looking into the future, under the guideline of the National Education Reform and Development of Long-term Planning Program, the university will turn over a new leaf in its growth.

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